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  • The latitude effect is, as we have seen, due to the angle at which the sun's rays strike the earth.
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    The diurnal range of temperature generally increases with distance from the sea and toward those places where solar radiation is strongest—in dry tropical climates and on high mountain plateaus (owing to the reduced thickness of the atmosphere to be traversed by the Sun’s rays).

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    Diurnal patterns of stomatal conductance,.

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  • Here we characterized the impact patterns of irrigation expansion on land surface temperature (LST) in NWC from spatial, diurnal, and seasonal dimensions from 2000 to 2020; we then decomposed the LST changes related to multiple biophysical components using the energy balance equation and quantified the contributions of.
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    form, regional climate, and geographic locations) acting simultaneously on changing local clouds.

  • Diurnal, seasonal, and extreme temperatures.
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    Similar patterns of variation have also been reported by Sabillón and Cremades (2001) and Holzke et al.