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On this page, you find the full list of all VC Purchasables, 2K Showcase Unlockables, and MyRise Unlockables in WWE 2K23, including Superstars & Legends, Arenas, and Championships, along with the condition required to unlock each item. Ezekiel.
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  • MyRISE Mode WWE2K23 Unlockables Some wrestlers have been confirmed to be unlocked through WWE 2K23’s MyRISE mode.
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  • This VC can then be used to unlock Superstars, Arenas and Title belts.
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    The release date for when the WWE 2K23 Pretty Sweet DLC pack will come out is May 17th.

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    Mighty Molly is the superhero alter-ego of.

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    The 2K23 MyRise.