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g. Heuristic disassembly: This term often describes everything improving on the recursive disassembly for.
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    In computer science, a control-flow graph ( CFG) is a representation, using graph notation, of all paths that.

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  • It is useful in the loop optimization.
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  • AST is simply a tree representation of the written code - in other words it is not a representation of the execution flow.
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    There is a one-to-many relation between AST nodes and control flow nodes.

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    – Ira Baxter.

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    Control Flow Graph (CFG) A control flow graph(CFG), or simply a flow graph, is a directed graph in which: –(i) the nodes are basic blocks; and –(ii) the edges are induced from the possible flow of the program The basic block whose leader is the first intermediate language statement is called the entry node.